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web-developer, serious schemer


I am a recent graduate of Computer Science from the University of Toronto. Currently I'm located in San Francisco where I am working for Yelp as a Web Developer. While in SF I hope to make Yelp an even more kick ass product and meet some awesome people.

Previously, I was a Frontend Developer at the Toronto based startup Thoora. While working at Thoora, Ian Chan and I worked through the entire software development process and developed with more tools than most frontend engineers ever see. Together we put together a scalable web architecture (our stack was pretty stacked) and two awesome sites (thoora.com and m.thoora.com) based on the Thoora platform. Recently Thoora pivoted and completely changed their product resulting in most of my work no longer being available. Checkout the TC50 Presentation to get a better idea of what I help to build.

When I'm not working on web related tech, I'm usually looking into new/old programming languages. I spend most of my free time working in Racket (formally PLT-Scheme), and JavaScript. I enjoy learning programming languages to learn richer/different semantics, it's not a matter of learning syntax.

I decided to start writing down some of my thought/ideas because I've come to discover there aren't enough smart programmers to serve every community. In the scheme community, I've had a lot of difficulty finding resources/examples on the web and I don't find the documentation good enough. I'm hoping to fill in at least a few of the gaps.


Ken Struys
Twitter: @kenstruys
Resume: HTML, PDF