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Setting up PLT-Racket Hosting

Hosting for PLT-Racket (formally PLT-Scheme) can be very hard to find. Most hosting companies only support languages like PHP/Perl/Ruby and Python. I had a very difficult time finding a hosting that would actually support this site. In the end the solution was a Virtual Private Server (VPS). With a VPS you are given a VM with root access on a server that is shared by other VMs. Usually VPS is a really expensive option for hosting but I found real cheap VPS for $17US/m from Ultra Hosting.

    The VPS included:
  1. Root Access
  2. 256Mb Ram
  3. 5 Gb Storage/200Gb Bandwidth
  4. SSH
  5. Dedicated IP
  6. CentOS/Fedora/Ubuntu

Within 24 hours of signing up I got an email with my machine's IP and root password. From there it just just a matter of installing my plt-racket webserver. The services has been pretty reasonable, I've had my VM randomly die once but they managed to fix the issue immediately.