Software Development

Member of a two person frontend team in a Toronto startup and TechCrunch 50 finalist. Accountable for the implementation of "pixel-perfect" CSS layouts, scalability of the frontend architecture, integration with social media APIs, highly flexible/extensible development in PHP and integration with middle layer services via Thrift. Major accomplishments included the implementation of the Thoora mobile web product ( and multiple successful passes of SEO.

Technologies - PHP (Codeigniter), JavaScript, CSS/HTML, SQUID, Apache, Nginx, Memcached, Postgres, Thrift, Capistrano, Twitter and Facebook APIs.

Assisted in the development of a large web and desktop CRM framework for the financial services industry. Primarily implemented new features and fixed bugs in the Nexj HMVC client side framework.

Technologies - JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Java, Eclipse, Scheme, JBOSS

Computer Proficiency

Languages - PHP (Codeigniter), Javascript (jQuery), CSS, Racket (formally PLT-Scheme), SQL (Postgres), Java, C, Python

Services/Protocols - HTTP, JSON, REST, Apache, Squid, Thrift, Memcached

Operating Systems - Mac OSX, Linux (CentOS, Ubuntu), Windows

Tools - Git, SVN, CVS, Eclipse, Firebug, Capistrano, Photoshop, Google Analytics/Webmasters

Other Employment

One of two technical representatives at The University of Toronto promoting Microsoft products. Organized Microsoft events on campus. With the support of the Computer Science Student Union, completed a 12 hour game competition with 150 computer science students.

One of four tech support staff in the North American IT support team located in Toronto. Worked on monitoring and maintaining Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, and general software/hardware support.

Salesperson in downtown Toronto location. Assisted customers with new purchases of electronics/computer hardware and provided advice on computer hardware/software issues. In most weeks, I was the top grossing salesperson at the store.


University of Toronto

2010 Graduate
Honours B.Sc - Computer Science, Software Engineering Specialist

Harbord Collegiate Institute

2005 Graduate

Volunteer Activities

Lead a group of 10 computer science students who were responsible for organizing events within the computer science community and attended curriculum review meetings. Responsibilities included delegating tasks, organizing the student union office and assisting students within the department with academic/social life.

Steeldrum player in Afropan; the oldest and largest steel orchestra in Canada consisting of over 70 musicians. Performing at events including the Caribana carnival parade and in 2010 traveled to Gabon, Africa to play for the 50th anniversary of Gabon's independence.

Assisting a group of high school student with the construction and programming of robots for the FIRST Robotics Competition. Teaching inexperienced students engineering/design, software development in C and construction.


Regular attendee at monthly meets where designers, developers and entrepreneurs get together and demonstrate products and projects they have been developing.


March 2010

Attended the SXSW interactive conference to assist the Thoora marketing team with promotions, learn about other frontend architectures and product development best practices.

Presented Practical Applications of Functional Programming and Racket to a class of 200 students. Covered topics such as rewrite systems, macros, general tree manipulation and their applications to web development.

Other Interests

Board Games, Photography, Cooking, Entrepreneurship, Robotics, Construction, Travel


Canadian, European Union